Hershey's Milk Duds (85g)

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Milk Duds are a chewy caramel coated in chocolate. Far from being a standard chewy caramel, Milk Duds taste more of honeycomb and will leave you wondering why you ever settled for any other caramel! Don't expect the pack to last for more than one sitting!

The reason they were named "Duds" is because the creator was trying to create a perfectly round candy - they failed miserably at this attempt, as you can see from the photo these are anything but round. However you will forgive them for their mis-shapen appearance as soon as you pop one into your mouth!

Seriously, you need to try these!

Ingredienser: Majssirap, socker, vegetabilisk olja (kakaosmör, Palm, Shea, Solros, safflorolja), fettfri mjölk, dextros, choklad, farinsocker, Vassle (från mjölk), emulgeringsmedel (mono- och diglycerider), bakpulver (natriumbikarbonat ), mjölkfett, salt, harts glasyr, emulgeringsmedel (sojalecitin), Förtjockningsmedel (tapiokadextrin), smakämnen (Vanillin).


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