Pez Peppa Pig (George) Pez Peppa Pig (George)

Pez Peppa Pig (George)

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Peppa PigPeppa Pig

Peppa Pig is popular with both children and parents alike. Probably due to conversations like this: Peppa wants to learn how to whistle, but is finding it really hard. “Mummy, can you whistle?” “Yes, Peppa!” “Well, you are old, mummy.” “Thanks, Peppa.”

The episodes about Peppa, her little brother George, Mummy and Daddy Pig are often true to life. The Pig family retain their sense of humour throughout and are always caring and affectionate towards each other. In other words, a real feel-good series! Fans can look forward to seeing Peppa and George as PEZ dispensers from early summer.


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