Pez Shimmer and Shine (Shine) Pez Shimmer and Shine (Shine)

Pez Shimmer and Shine (Shine)

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Shimmer & ShineShimmer & Shine

The PEZ year kicks off with a series full of magic in the form of twin sisters Shimmer & Shine, who are in training to become professional genies. Their friend Leah gets three new wishes every day, which Shimmer & Shine are only too happy to fulfil. But there’s a reason why they’re still in training: fulfilling Leah’s wishes doesn’t always go quite according to plan, which gets the trio into trouble. But with a bit of team spirit, a few good ideas and the right amount of fun, anything is possible. Besides Shimmer & Shine, Shine’s pet Bengali tiger cub Nahal will also be available as a PEZ dispenser. The PEZ product range is also set to include Shimmer & Shine fizzy and dextrose hearts in a handy reclosable carton.


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